Saturday, April 13, 2013

Whats In Your Garden?

Its been a long time coming, this little radish, the first from our garden.  Our weather has been so crazy, 70+ days for a week then down to freezing, the up in the 70+ days again and back.   Its like weather ping pong.  At least I planted some radish between my onions and they seem to have made the transition from seed to edible just fine.

My favorite haunt, the Hagerman Wildlife refuge is like the Sahara because we are in a severe drought.  Last weekend I headed out only to find hardly any wildlife, birds or food for my camera.  It really caused alarm and saddened me.   I hope my vegie garden will provide me with some fun photos besides some good food.

We are growing all organic with out
GMO's     Should be a challange!