Photo Art

360 In The Round a technique by Pep Ventosa that I have been playing around with.  I wanted to explain how I went about shooting these images.   The concept is to have a subject you can actually walk around 360 degrees and shoot many shots of the same image, same distance away and basically same focal view.
The first image I took a vase of flowers and set out on my lawn.  I walked around 2 steps and shot, 2 steps and shot.  Heck I ended up with 30 images.  I say that was a bit extreme but it was my first try so I just shot away.   Next I loaded them onto the computer and adjusted the light for each one.  Then came the stacking.  One on top of the other (in order shot) and adjusted the opacity each photo as I went.  I went back and forth after they were all stacked, even took a few out but total look was very flat and disappointing.  I took some of the layers and added watercolor filters to them (like very 3rd layer) and gave up and flattened the whole mess.   I am working in Elements 10, so gave it a final light adjustment and it just popped into wonderfulness!   Today I worked on the second picture.  I set up a table with dyed cheese cloth as a back drop.  Used little bottles, vase and flowers and set these props on a little plastic base so I could turn that rather than walk around the whole thing.   9 shots total!  Much better as its now an indoor thrill and smaller scale.  My suggestions - just play at it and see what happens.  The opacity has no rules, you need to just tweek and tweek till  you like the stack.  Flatten and enjoy! 

I was so happy to visit California where we moved to Oklahoma from a few years ago.  How I miss it.  Here in Santa Cruze I just got tickled watching this artist paint the lighthouse while his significant other slept on the bench!  You never know when you will find a little jewel of an image like this. I processed it as a watercolor, it just cried out to become its own painting.

The photo art here is more processed and textured than my prop styling and still life.  I enjoy seeing how far I can take an image before it gets lost then backing off to find that sweet spot.
These images are available through me on cards and as prints. 

Enjoy the view!  xo Sally