Its not enough to just bake the bread, or eat the bread anymore.  The exercise put to our Be Still group was  specific like a recipe!   Using bread that you made or purchased, pair it with scissors, twine, use a diptych and a cloth.   I want to revisit this exercise at some point because nothing is prettier than really GOOD bread photography.  Mine here is hardly exciting but I did work on it for hours before there was just crumbs left.  Some of the presets used in LightRoom give such a nice atmosphere.  I think a whole month could be spent working daily on lighting with bread and props. 

I am so excited to find you here under EATS!   Prop styling with food stuffs and things from the edible world is so much fun and so difficult!   There is a whole new world out there of food styling in the most amazing fashions.  This is my area where I will share some of my most delicious images from that category.
Eat your hearts out and sit back and enjoy.  Sally xo

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