Friday, November 28, 2014

Two Sides

I so loved this exercise in negative space.   In my photography group Be Still 52 our prompt was using two sides of negative space, shoot from above, shoot square  and use the two sides as part of your main focus.

I was really just killing time when I shot this.  We were waiting to visit our friend for Thanksgiving dinner and just needed to kill an hour.

This plate is a hand thrown plate that one of our dogs won a few ages ago and the color is really like it looks,.  The linen napkins were gifted to me and the branch is from my friends yard, which is a redbud branch with pods still attached.  I can still see her face when I asked if I could have a cutting.   My surface is an old cookie sheet I layed on the floor and then placed the items on top.  It was just a lucky experiment that it turned out so great and now it has become a prop for the future!   Cookie sheets will never look the same to me ever again.