Friday, March 18, 2011

Santa Cruz Light House

I have been getting some time to play with the wonderful photos I took when Don and I were in California last Thanksgiving.  This is such a beautiful shot of the Santa Cruz Light House at the Surfing Museum area.  As we walked along the long path, the temps were warm, air calm and people were walking their dogs, painting the scenery, playing on the beach.  It was a slice of heaven with the ocean glittering and sun just overcast enough to allow for some wonderful photos.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patties Day

From Go Green Turtle, Happy Toasting and GREEN thoughts all day long.  Taken at Fort Worth Zoo through plexi glass viewing into bottom of a lake environment.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When Gas was just Pennys

I thought it was high time to dig out some of the vintage gas pump photo's when, Yes gas was under a dollar.  Here in Boswell a couple years ago I found  3 old pumps sitting outside an abandon building, and all with different prices.  Who knows if they were different types of fuel but this one is 21 1/2 cents a gallon!    Long gone are those days, and now also my youth.  Gee the time flys by fast.

We are at 37 1/2 cents now, and the rust has only made this more interesting like the rusty memories of cruising the main street all night long, getting a burger and soda for under a dollar!  Those ole cars the boys had were gas guzzlers and yet they cruised forever on just a dollar.

Whoa, we are up to 47 cents a gallon now, times are hard and the miles just are not what they use to be for the penny.   These old pumps could probably tell a good tale or two given their wise stature and survival into the 21st century.   I suppose some collector has come along and purchased these for our grand kids to see and marvel about when we paid under a dollar for gas!   I am lucky to remember those days and that it was not that long ago, as I stay forever young!
OK, maybe in my mind...

All these boring photos have come to life with the work of many  textures burned, overlays, and manipulated for our enjoyment.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hauling out the Tripod

Its been sitting in the closet for the longest time, the ole dusty tripod.  My love hate relationship with the camera's friend.   Stilt like legs that require constant adjusting, maneuvering around especially when using a dedicated macro lens.  BUT spring has not really brought much to photograph lately except some flowers from the fruitless pear trees that I used with this Orange.  Its named Food Fun.  My orange became entertainment as well as breakfast.   Its done with many layers of textures to create the look.  After the Orange was consumed I played with a few very tiny flowers and my grandfathers old pocket watch with my Grandma Maude's photo inside.  I love the idea of using this with my genealogy research.  Again done with multi layers of textures.   Feels good to be looking through the lens again.