Friday, August 24, 2012

Batik Recipe

Here is a little inspiration for the many photos taken of the lovely water lilies.   I am fascinated with all the big leaves and towering flower heads, the eco system that lives among them. I find many of my photos begin to look the same even though each time I look over the water I see more and more beauty .  I thought I would play with  a batik look for these.  If you want to try your hand at this little exercise on any photo here is a little recipe.  (I am in Elements 10)

Background image>duplicate>rename "sketch"
Enhance>unsharp mask and use a heavy hand
Filter>stylize glowing edges (5-13-14)
Control Shift>Invert Colors (it will be B&W now)
Enhance>adjust color>remove color

Create a new layer, and add a levels adjustment to brighten

Below the "sektech layer" add a new layer then
alt+backspace and it will become white - name it white

On this White layer, select the eraser tool with a brush that is like a dry media brush #63 or close and set the opacity to around 15-25% and begin to brush away on the white surface to let the image below come through.  

Enjoy this process and play with lots of photos.  Some images become magically transformed and others find their way to the trash bin or different processing.  This is so much more fun than a plug in!

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