Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Travel Dreaming

Beyond Layers is exploring some our our deep wishes of places we would like to see or travel to. While some of these sites have incredible dvd's of the most lovely photography ever, there is nothing like actually seeing the vast size of some of these gardens and old castles. I was so lucky to visit some castles in Germany on my one and only airplane trip in 1991. I got to see a couple castles that just took me deeper into the untold stories held behind the walls. I do not know if this is what draws me to these type of places or not but old gardens, old castles, old buildings, old paintings - all old world things spark my curiosity. These are the places I dream to visit, Ireland, Wales, Europe, their architecture and gardens - OK food too! 

Seeing these places changed me, spiritual and opened my mind.  It was a bit unsettling that I was given a chance to learn history in school, but did not remember much of it because I was just one of those kids who could not be involved or take time for stuff that was not current.  Well, what did I know anyway....

I do have a dream travel list, do you?   What are your favorite places of the world or places you might have already visited and would love to return to.  What draws you, the activities, the architecture the food.

On my list are places that include Wales, and Ireland, More of Germany and the Rhine and castles, Spain and Italy and France.  I would love to visit the British Columbia gardens and Versailles.   It seems to be a theme going on here.

So here's to a little dreaming till next time.

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