Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When Gas was just Pennys

I thought it was high time to dig out some of the vintage gas pump photo's when, Yes gas was under a dollar.  Here in Boswell a couple years ago I found  3 old pumps sitting outside an abandon building, and all with different prices.  Who knows if they were different types of fuel but this one is 21 1/2 cents a gallon!    Long gone are those days, and now also my youth.  Gee the time flys by fast.

We are at 37 1/2 cents now, and the rust has only made this more interesting like the rusty memories of cruising the main street all night long, getting a burger and soda for under a dollar!  Those ole cars the boys had were gas guzzlers and yet they cruised forever on just a dollar.

Whoa, we are up to 47 cents a gallon now, times are hard and the miles just are not what they use to be for the penny.   These old pumps could probably tell a good tale or two given their wise stature and survival into the 21st century.   I suppose some collector has come along and purchased these for our grand kids to see and marvel about when we paid under a dollar for gas!   I am lucky to remember those days and that it was not that long ago, as I stay forever young!
OK, maybe in my mind...

All these boring photos have come to life with the work of many  textures burned, overlays, and manipulated for our enjoyment.

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