Thursday, June 5, 2014

Lets Stay Connected ~ Greeting Card Swap

Its said that birds of a feather flock together.  I believe its true, at least in the case of us photographers and our art, props and imagination.  At a spree cast event today that Kim gave for all us Start To Finish 2 folk, I awkwardly declared I would start a photo greeting card swap.    I think its nice to have exciting mail come to your mail box, from the world over, from friends you met through classes and events.   Think of it as keeping the spark alive that began in Start to Finish 2 and for me Beyond Layers also.  

So without knowing about  Groupies of Kim Klassen over on Face book we will take my idea for the card swaps  and incorporate it there.  They are already doing something similar so no use being repetitious. I didn't know they had this group going so was totally thrilled to find them.  This is a private group and you will have to go there and request to join us.   Thanks for all the response to the idea of a greeting card swap.
~ cheers

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  1. Hello Sally, at last I have found you & your lovely blog! I have been struggling with flickr since it changed and can't seem to get any notifications of comments or postings. I stopped posting to KK's TT, just seem to have so much on but I am signed up to her Be Still project so maybe I'll see a bit more of your beautiful photography and I have put you in my reader now. I also have a postcard project on this year. I send out at least two cards every week and I'm doing great so far. I'll look at the link you gave in your post. I would love your address to send you one of my cards.
    I'll e-mail you.