Sunday, July 20, 2014

Photographing My Work

Photography is fun, prop set up and enjoying some control over the end results which I love to do with textures and light adjustments.  Its quite another thing to try and photograph something I want to project across people's computers in a way they can get a true sense of what they are seeing as in this hand spun yarn of mine.   This is truly work!

Does it give you a sense of the right color in daylight, how about the wonderful squishyness of the merino yarn and loft.  Is it representing the size and dimension in a way you might recognize.  I have taken so many photos of this skein of yarn that its time to call it quits and tackle the photos themselves.     Even after working them over in LR, I still have my concerns, but holding my yarn up to the monitor the colors do seem to be represented.   I have been absorbed in spinning and weighing fiber, working on yardage and silly textile things like quilting , its all taken me away from photography, just temporarily because while I don't have time now to post on flicker and update the blog, the camera works daily and the operator is lazy.

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