Sunday, March 8, 2015

Celebrating and Victory Dance

 Life can be so strange at times, just when I think I have nothing to share that is exciting or new, I go ahead and put it out there and Pizzaz...something amazing happens.  My images get noticed, get chosen and become part of a bigger picture. 

Now you might wonder what I think of when I go out with my camera but on this day we went out with family on vacation to this great stretch of beach, I knew I was looking for birds so I took my lens that would work best.

I shot so many images that looked the same, similar, color, attitudes and once home the big process began to widdled down to just a few.  Choosing just one or two out of hundreds to share.  Big job.  Flicker noticed, and I hope the world does too.   The big thing I find most interesting in photography is that what you might consider sorta random, might not be random in another persons eyes.  

Keep shooting, sharing and enjoying life through your camera lens. 

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