Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Walk my Time Line in LightRoom

 Hi everyone.   I thought I would put down the steps I am NOW taking from image to the final spot the images live.  Its like my timeline for processing.

 I am not shooting RAW.  I updated my LR so it knew my camera, uploaded test images and it took forever, honestly I can not tell much difference between my large format and raw so I went back to what I am comfie with.
Last month I was asked for a couple photos that had my watermark on it and I needed to remove that.  No big deal but would have been better if I had two copies, one with my watermark and one without in a larger size.   Now I am re thinking what I have been doing and how I save my work.

The steps I am now taking might be useful to you if you are stuck in my rut.  Geee, it might still be a rut in the future, but for now its better than what I did before.  Here goes:

* take my photos and import into LR
*review what I want to keep and get rid of and delete the unwanted photos.
*review the saved images, mark a couple I want to work on 
*develop one image and pop it over to Elements for more edits if needed
* Once finished in Elements I do a  "save" for LR which ends up as a psd 
*I now go back into LR to export to a folder on my external storage!   
*Now I can choose to export a huge file like 4MP as a .jpg to any folder I want with a name!
*I can also export another file as an email size into another folder for sharing in places like the web and Flicker.
*leave my watermark off unless I need it, as the small file sizes are not worth stealing.

So what I have created right now are two folders, one that has LARGE files and one folder that has the smaller files for sharing.  I have done this because the LARGE photos are ones that are for sales.  And of course inside that I have catagory folders like Flowers or Birds.  
I hope that these steps might help some of you crate a visual walk through your work with LR and Elements.  


  1. This is awesome! A nice quick list, and I like the idea of the "large" and "small" folders! Thanks for sharing Sally!

  2. Sally, this is very helpful information...It would help so much to have the two size folders. I saw where you are a spinner and so am I. We'll have to share some of our spinning experiences some time....