Thursday, February 2, 2012

Simple Green, Cheers!

 From the Garden!  That is last years garden but some fun images to share just the same.  I had a lovely fern that grew in a shaded protected location and I always loved the little fronds that came out.  This little Simple Green was taken with my macro 150mm Sigma lens and I added a bokeh texture and then some fun little squiggles that I think really set it off and filled in the dead space.

The little skippers were not as plentiful last summer but the zinnia's were on overload so I had many chances for some fun images, always trying for some expression from my bugs and critters. I used two textures on this after working my background image to get rid of unwanted ufo's and added the little Cheer's lyric for fun since he is sipping at his favorite Zinnia bar!  Enjoy~

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