Sunday, February 5, 2012

Story Board Challenge

Our Beyond Layres group had a story board challenge this week.  Talk about out of my element here learning new tools in my old Photoshop7.  We were given some templates to use and our tutorial on using Open>File>Place.  I had never used this feature before and I am confident that after googling and reading more that .jpgs should have worked but my software said NO.  It wanted only photo shop files, so I converted my images to fit these little templates.   The Swans were my first ever and these photos I took from Fort Worth Zoo last winter.  The Shells were collages I did last summer with  random images and textures.   The swans are more of a time capsule as an event and outing, the shells reminding me of a boring block of time I decided to try digital collage and textures.   for bigger view

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