Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dear Dreamer made Explorer

I am so tickled to see this made Explorer.  I am so surprised when this happens and I have no idea why images are chosen, but it sure puts a smile on my face.

These old roses are a find from good will, they were in the clutter of this and that, I took a chance on them as a prop..I am so glad I did.  I might add this book is also a good will find and my books are digital now but I miss having nice books around.  Real books are like having friends sitting there with their own thoughts and words just waiting to be shared.  This is an old readers digest book, a book of Curiosities!  Last Saturday I set up  a little table with props and just played.  I have several images I chose to keep from that shoot but this one that made Explorer is not the one I like best.
I used only a slight watercolor filter and a post card texture.  I titled it Dear Dreamer and gave it this description on Flicker:  Dear Dreamer, while reading a book the other day I thought of you and decided to send you a post card.  

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