Saturday, January 3, 2015

Spools made Explorer on Flicker

Its another gloomy day and I am digging through some of my older photos, catching up on some Be Still prompts that never got processed.  One prompt that was shared in our Flicker group asked for spools.   Everyone had such amazing vintage spools of all sorts.   I sorta just stepped back from that exercise because I had nothing as exotic as a vintage spool.   Everyones images were beyond captivating.

Since I am a spinner I gave a try at using my bobbins for the spool prompt.  I have spun a graduated polwarth wool with tussah silk blend.   These singles on the spools have not been plied yet but I thought the colors were pretty and with the little scissors might offer something "spoolish".  

If I were to say something about this, it might be that be still is not the feeling it invokes for me, rather ...get busy!   Get it finished, get it knitted and spin some more!

Next morning I find this image has made Explorer on Flicker - I am SO over the moon about it.  

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  1. Beautiful image, and I love it Sally! Most of All Congratulations on making Explore!! That is really fantastic!!