Friday, January 2, 2015

Fav 3 of 2014 ~ BeStill week 30

The end of the year and week 30 is wrapping up with a prompt to choose a set of your favorite
pictures from 2014.  It was hard to choose, I wanted some of my images to blend with 
similar softness and colors and the blue hydrangea never fails to make great 
images.  These were taken throughout the year and the center image was taken in
December with some of my dried hydrangea flowers, and it made Flickers
Explorer!  Now that is the way to end the year with a bang...

I hope to learn how to play on instragram this January.  I finally managed
to get the app working on my phone and digital life is whirring at warp speed
around me.   Will I be able to step aboard or loose my footing as I try and jump in.

~ snap~

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