Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jack Sparrow

We have to many sparrows!  They are everywhere.   I have had some nice song birds come to my yard but these little guys just chase them away, yet they are sorta entertaining especially when they look at their reflection in the water.

Little Jack here is at the bird bath mid winter.  I processed him with a dry brush and some light painting.  I added a texture called kf_painted14 and I added a texture of a bokeh that gives those nice round blobs of light.

This is truly one of those photos that got considered for the trash bin yet it still held a bit of interest for me.  The negative space I like and after the texture of the watercolor its now definately NOT going to the trash bin.

Stillness has been a theme in one of my ongoing classes, time to think and reflect, breath and find yourself.  This image became that for me.  The more I worked on it the more I lost track of time, noise and just enjoyed the moment of making art.

I have also changed my signature on my photos, and lost that word photography.  If people have found their way to my blog, they already know its about photography and art and chit chat.     I hope you like it for now, it might change next year!  Sally Papin behind my lens...


  1. I really love this so much, a work of art for sure, I love watercolor anyway but oh my what you have done with this image is just awesome. A question who makes this texture I really would love to have it in my collection if possible?

  2. This is an absolute gorgeous piece of art! If I could only create something like this, it would go straight into my art journal. I have a question too...what do you mean by "light painting"? And I'd also love to know where you grabbed that texture.
    Gorgeous, GORGEOUS piece!
    (visiting from S2F) http://cherylmccainphotography.com