Thursday, May 22, 2014

Unplug the noise...

Hello everyone.   This week I got a chance to use this image in two different  on line classes I am participating in.   One is an egg challenge.  I already took so many images of eggs I will have extra photos to play with when I run out of ideas.  The other was about being still and taking time to listen, be quiet, walking, breathing.   Our house always has noise, just the two of us oldies, but tv always going, washer or dryer, dogs barking.  The quiet is often very loud!

Well back to this little nest.  We had some big wind which broke down part of an old tree and I salvaged this cool nest.   I am not sure but it appears to have started  by doves and then topped off by another bird much different.   I cradled it in tissue paper and finally decided to use it in my egg challenge, but no words came to me for it so it sat a couple days untouched.   Then the little haiku I had written down so long ago just popped into my head, and then I popped it onto my image!    I never know when I might get a "spark" of inspiration or from where, but this is one I am proud of.  How can anything be prettier than a lovely songbird in the morning singing out over the breeze.  

I processed the image in Light Room and then edited in Elements with a texture called kk_rainyday at a soft overlay.  The tissue holding the next added an extra layer behind that I really like.
Hope you enjoy my little story and image.

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