Thursday, May 15, 2014

Quiet is the new LOUD

Hello everyone,
I have taken my first photo for a class called Be Still 52.  I am excited about this class and all 105 members from around the world as we search for quiet, stillness and breath in our photography.

I have always loved the light softness in washed out photos that are not at all washed out!  How on earth is that done!  Truly something you need to concentrate on while prop styling, and editing your image in Light Room and Photoshop.  You sure can't have a TV blaring with talking heads or the radio spewing those tunes that get stuck in your head and rattle around all day. 

Someone asked me what the 52 stood for.  No its not my age, I am 62!  But its 52 weeks of sharing and play, looking through new eyes and hearing whats been missed.  Its like a movement of still life.  I need and seek quiet, stillness and beauty.   

Be Still,

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