Saturday, January 24, 2015

Brighten With Citrus MADE EXPLORER

EXPLORER!   Brighten with citrus was the prompt for out week 33 of Be Still 52.  I had to wait to get to the store to buy some lemons and oranges, ended up choosing lemons to work.  Its been rainy and dark and the yellow were a pop of freshness I needed.  Here I used some quilt fabric for my backdrop which really worked out well, I used a Friday Find for the little dish the lemons are sitting in, a single wine glass that has survived the years and an old silk flower.  Couldn't get my lemons to look interesting so got the knife out and sliced one up, figured I could use the slices in a pitcher of ice water.  Delish.   I love lemon water sitting out in a pitcher with lots of ice.  My glass is always full.

This is called Essence of Citrus, and I used a blackish fabric and a texture from Kim Klassen called more magic, I loved the little words that sorta brought the image away from looking like a staged still.  The little pitcher was a find at good will as was the glass bottle with the cork.  This was part of Week 33 also.  Same theme as above.

I would never on my own gather and create settings without these great prompts.  Its something I look forward to and its enriched my eye and creativity so much being part of Be Still 52 and now The Studio!

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  1. These are just beautiful Sally! I love the black background and the love arrangement of citrus. Congrats on Explore!!