Thursday, May 29, 2014

Finding My Style

Be Still 52, a year long class on styling is in its 3rd week.  We are exploring finding props and our style of photography.  

I have been lucky to have on loan this very cool courting candle!  I bet these antiques could tell some stories.  If you are not sure what a courting candle is just imagine your father sizing up the boy who wants to come visit you and depending on how he sizes up, your father sets the candle to burn for so many hours till the candle burns to the wire, then the suitor must go home.
Each turn of the peg is worth an hour of visiting time.  The parlors, sitting rooms and porches must have been full of these in the 1800's.

Back to style.  I never seem to be able to leave my photos alone.  I just can't take an image and say, OK that's done.  I must, am compelled, obsessed to manipulate it.  I can't quit...I love the way the textures and layers play off each other to tell a little story.

In The Evening News image here I used some very fun brushes and two textures, one is kk_isobel and the other is kk_love in layers.   My personal critique of this is that the candle is in the very center - a big no no, but some how I think it works.  What do you think?
Till next time.


  1. I have never heard of this type of candle before, very cool find or loan. Love all the layers in your piece

  2. What a lovely composition. Visiting from Be Still 52.

  3. I have heard of the candle and fun that you have one to photograph. I love the Evening News texture!