Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Finds

Hello all!   I am sharing my bird nest once again, but this time with a couple of the most amazing acorns ever.   Around our back fence we have some big oak trees that have let go of some of the acorns.  The size of these acorns are around 2+ inches!   Just to give an example there is a normal size acorn cap in the nest next to them.   I had planned to play with these cool little props of nature and never thought to use them in this way.   Fun happens.....

Here they are, the collections and finds from my yard this last week.  Best part is they were free!

I cropped this square.  I am a big fan of square art and many of my photos get cropped this way.  I have yet to find a great way to showcase them on my greeting cards, but I still love square!   After a bit of exposure correction in Light Room I sent it over to Elements for just a texture from Kim called kk_partings.  I liked the look  of the little typed box in the corner, was worried it might be to busy with all the twigs but decided it would stay.   I added an element of hand writing like a brush and faded it and masked it away from the nest, added my name and it was done.  

I hope you like it.  I love that fun happens in the most unexpected ways.


  1. Wow, those are large acorns!! And what a great way to showcase them in the bird nest. LOVE your processing and textures!

  2. The nest in it'self is so pretty and the acorns are such a nice addition. Love the comp. The added texture and editing is so lovely.

  3. I love your nest... all the texture and those huge acorns. The square composition works really well.

  4. I love bird nests and acorns. Nature has the best gifts.

  5. We have a huge oak in our backyard. We have never had any acorns that large, I like reading blogs where the blogger is simply having fun. I look forward to seeing your discoveries next Friday!